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I am a dancer, choreographer, writer, and activist, but first I am a human. 
A living, breathing body that enjoys utilizing improvisational dance techniques to find a connection between the mind and body. 
I am inspired by centuries of thinkers who were determined to understand the why and how of our species. As a dancer and choreographer, I explore this why and how using my anatomy and my pen. 
I explore the varying movement qualities that the human body is capable of. How can we find softness and fluidity along with percussive gestures and sudden stillness? 
The choreography that I create ultimately becomes a natural blend of postmodern contemporary techniques, urban influences, and everyday gestures. 
I am intrigued by the many narratives that exist. My creative process begins with a question that I put into writing and ends with a physical call to action presented on a stage. 
In the process of creating, I am always learning about interesting ways we as humans connect, thrive, fail, and exist. 
Being born, growing old, and dying are immense ideas but together they create a never-ending cycle of possibility and narrative. 
I create work so that those who witness it are continuing the conversation, a truly unexpected collaboration.
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